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Phoenix Design Works

Phoenix Design Works serves as a premier branding and advertising promotion firm for high schools, junior colleges, universities, athletic conferences and bowl games with nationwide experience. Phoenix has created over 500 comprehensive branding programs for high school, collegiate and athletic properties that deliver both maximum ROI and enthusiastic, loyal buy-in and support from brand constituent groups.

Phoenix Design Works provides complete brand services including; Brand Audit and Survey, Comprehensive Branding Creative, Proprietary Font Design, Mascot Design, Facilities Branding, Animation, and Promotional Advertising Campaign services.

Phoenix Design Works
Amy Skiles, Founder & CEO 
Cell Phone: ​  917.992.3482
 Office Phone: 973.763.8200 
Jamie Skiles, President & Creative 
Director Cell Phone: 917.992.0158 
Office Phone: 973.763.8211