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Waterboy Sports

Industry-Leading Hydration Systems with Industry-Leading Warranties


Keep Your Team Hydrated

Waterboy Sports leads the team hydration industry in selection, innovation, and service. We offer cooler-mounted 4-nozzle Gravity Manifolds, In-line, spigot-fed drinking manifolds, dolly-mounted Vertical Power Tankers, and multiple wagon-mounted configurations, both spigot-fed chillers and pump-pressurized tanker models. Now our wagon- and dolly-mounted models are available with the patented Filling Station bottle-filling system for Through-the-Lid(TM) filling.

Like most innovations, Waterboy Sports sprang from the phrase "There HAS to be a better way to..", but in our case, that statement was finished with "..keep these athletes hydrated!" On that watershed day in the mid-1990s our founder, Jack Brown began a 20-year journey of innovation. His formula was straight-forward, get input from athletic trainers, coaches and athletes about what they need and design systems that meet those needs.

That approach led to the industry-leading hydration systems we manufacture today and continues as we design systems for other sports and industries.